Late Fragment - An Interactive Film


Late Fragment would be an excellent film if it were a traditional, linear, passive experience; but the fact it can be experienced in a seemingly infinite number of ways at the whim of the individual viewer makes it simply amazing, if not a cinematic breakthrough.

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Producer Anita Lee explains “When you’re building an interactive project, most labs let technology drive the creation. But for this project, the story is always driving the creation. The interactive structure is the story.” What results is an absolute multiplicity of film versions, as viewers piece together the story of Late Fragment in the same way they piece together their own lives: using slices of memory, song and associations that don’t appear in chronological order. »

Late Fragment is a powerful and redemptive tale about three people whose lives are touched separately by crime and tragedy…and could become a critical hit at this year’s festival.

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Welcome to the age of interactive filmmaking… Late Fragment glimpses the future of experimental filmmaking, one where techno-savvy hybrid filmmakers exceed the limits of traditional storytelling and where the passive movie goer moves from onlooker to participant with the click of a mouse… If major studios bite on this idea in a big way one day, we may all be watching movies like this in our homes and in theatres.


This was a fascinating film even without its interactive feature and I look forward to seeing whether we have more interactive films in the future.

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Brilliantly atmospheric, beautifully and lyrically made, Late Fragment might’ve been a strong movie, even without the interactive element. As it stands, it could be the prototype for a new kind of narrative experience, that is, if the viewer is up for the challenge.

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Late Fragment Is Succulent And Delicious…The experience took me beyond merely being a passive voyeur and made me feel like an active participant, digging my way into the world of the characters as I chose to. Late Fragment is a must-see at TIFF, and definitely a must-own on DVD, which is set for release this fall.

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