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Our Big Party

Now you can try Late Fragment yourself before buying the film. This interactive demo and trailer shows you how the film works and how you can control the way it flows. Follow different paths and gain new perspectives with every click!

How do you handle interactivity during screenings? Does every click count, or is there a critical mass required?

Thanks for your question, Jon!

We’ve actually done a number of different theatrical screenings. Typically, one of the producers or writer/directors will VJ the film in front of the audience. In this case, the VJ “performs” the film by deciding when and where to click and the audience has a passive viewing experience. In other screenings we have allowed the audience to collectively perform the film by passing a remote control around. In our screening in Zagreb, for the first time ever, we allowed our audience members to VJ the film one at a time. Whichever way we’ve decided to go, each screening has always been a totally unique one.

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Motovun Film Festival 2008

I write this at Heathrow, after over 36 hours of non stop wakefulness and generally disorganized and limited sleep (sleep is for the dead) and my thoughts are a touch decaffeinated. But here goes.

We arrived to Motovun July 29th, at 4am, finding ourselves atop a steep hill, within narrow, gnarly and medieval streets, greeting the Croatian sunrise with freshly deep-fried Croatian sausages. This nocturnal pattern of being would not change until we left the Glastonbury meets Sundance wondrous debauchery that is the Motovun Film Festival. I was expecting a cast of wildly gesticulating Eastern Europeans with molasses accents an scrunched under thought foreheads but, to my pure delight, found a vibrant crowd of 10% dreadlocked and fully hippified very pretty Croatians, four sweet and sexy Brits, our ridiculously delightful programmer Tanja, a crazy unwashed Frenchman we shall not discuss and a bunch of super serious Russians – all rumbling the confines of what feels like an ancient town baked like dough and then cracked by the sun. Ana, Tina and I slipped into a glamorously vampiric time (substituting alcohol for blood and sweaty bodies swirling around you for the perpetual transylvanian fog) and never ever looked back.

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How will I see Late Fragment in Motovun?

I think Late Fragment will be playing in this outdoor cinema space. (Is this place called Kino Barbican?) At any rate, we will likely do a performative cinema screening followed by a demo of “how the film works”.

You can also go to the Motovun Film Festival page to get more specific answers.

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277 metres above sea level, a medieval town town sits on the top of a cone-shaped hill…

This is the spot where the Motovun Film Festival takes place. Think Glastonbury meets Sundance. Thousands of young cineastes, artistes, partiers, adventurers flock to Central Istria, Croatia to camp for 5-6 nights to see some of the most innovative films from around the world.

From Wikipedia:

Motovun Film Festival is entirely dedicated to films made in small cinematographies and independent productions (on 10 August 1999, the day of opening of first Motovun Film Festival, there was not even one non-Hollywood film being shown in Croatian cinemas). In everything, except for the ambition and the quality, Motovun wants to be a small festival showing small films, small in the warmest sense of the word. Festival program consists of around 70 titles from all over the world, from documentaries to feature films, from short to long films, from guerilla made films to co-productions. The only criteria in their selection is that they fit in the open-minded atmosphere of the festival with their innovations.

In years since the festival first started it became widely popular among Croatian youth, especially students. Every year during the festival a camp for visitors is organized on the foothills of Motovun, where anybody can put up their tent almost for free (the daily fee of 5 kn (roughly 1 USD) is paid to the local tourist office). The visitors’ camp has become one of its hallmarks. In January 2007 The Guardian described the festival as “a cross between Glastonbury and Sundance” in its travel section.

This year, part of the Motovun Film Festival is a special Interactive Cinema Program.

Along with Late Fragment, this program brings:

Switching by our friend Morten Schjodt;

Kinoautomat by Radúz Çinçera, the first interactive film in the world shown during Expo ‘67 in Montreal; and

Polyester, by John Waters which will include its featured odorama cards where the audience can scratch and sniff their way into a more olfactory experience of the film.

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Fade to Play’s Phillip Jeffrey captures the Vancouver DVD Launch @ The Republic

It’s not often that you get a trained observer to capture and synthesize the evening of a DVD Launch. But last Thursday, in Vancouver at The Republic, we were very lucky to have caught the eye of media blogger Phillip Jeffrey whose blog Fade to Play is fast becoming one of the go to Vangroovy places in cyberspace.

Here are some of the pics he captured:

Republic - Late Fragment DVD Launch Party Vancouver

Getting ready for the party to begin.

Republic - Late Fragment DVD Launch Party Vancouver

The crowd starts to gather.

Jeff Parazzo & Mateo Guez - Late Fragment DVD Release Party Vancouver

Getting ready for their interviews: Jeff Parazzo + Mateo Guez.

Late Fragment DVD Launch Party Vancouver

The School of Interactive Arts + Technology crew from Simon Fraser University.

Jenn - Late Fragment DVD Launch Party Vancouver


Patrick & Jessie - Late Fragment DVD Launch Party Vancouver

Patrick + Jessie of Videomatica, where you can buy copies of Late Fragment.

Ellen, Louise, Marine - Late Fragment DVD Launch Party Vancouver

Ellen + Louise + Marine.

Republic - Late Fragment DVD Launch Party Vancouver

Folks from First Weekend Club Vancouver.

Joleen - Jenna  - Sandy - Late Fragment DVD Launch Party Vancouver

Getting ready for the dancin’ to begin with Joleen + Jenna + Sandy.

Weston, Ana, & Jacqueline - Late Fragment DVD Launch Party Vancouver

In conversation with Weston Trimestra + Jacqueline Nuwame.

Late Fragment DVD Launch Party Vancouver

It took us a loong time to put  theses postcards all in a row.

James & Jacqueline - Late Fragment DVD Launch Party Vancouver

James Desroches + Jacqueline Nuwame.

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A shout out to First Weekend Club In Vancouver

Our Vancouver DVD Launch party was a success at the beautiful Republic Club on Granville St. The 2 storey, chandelier-clad space with multiple LCD screens flanking the bars is home to mostly 20 year old clubbers ready to dance on any given night. The owner of the Republic was kind enough to allow us to host a little bit of different crowd last Thursday, most of whom were members of Vancouver’s First Weekend Club. These folks were friendly, extremely engaged with cinema, and wonderful audiences for our Canadian films.

From their site:

First Weekend Club is a non-profit organization that strives to build audiences for great Canadian films through grassroots initiatives such as special screenings, Q&As with talent, premiere parties, movie alerts and much more! First Weekend Club is a free cross Canada film club that encourages members to attend opening weekend screenings. Hence the name, First Weekend Club.

We spoke with one of the FWC’s officers and were thrilled that they may be interested in having us perform Late Fragment live for one of their Canada Screens events.

Stay tuned here for more news and for pictures of the Vancouver event to be posted shortly.

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Late Fragment Toronto DVD Launch Party

[vimeo 1359071]

Check out the highlights from the Toronto DVD Launch Party at Tattoo Rock Parlour!

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