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Our Big Party

Now you can try Late Fragment yourself before buying the film. This interactive demo and trailer shows you how the film works and how you can control the way it flows. Follow different paths and gain new perspectives with every click!


Thursday October 23rd, 2008.  The big day had finally arrived.  The premiere of Late Fragment at the Dekada Cinemanila Film Festival was scheduled to screen 7:00pm.   Benji Boctol, festival coordinator, set us up in the projection booth at the Gateway Cineplex10 in Cubao. Although there were a few technical obstacles in finding a compatible projector for our Apple G5 computer, the tech team remained professional and solution driven.   Anima Aguiluz, the Cinemanila Secretariat, took the lead in the problem solving the issues at hand and we were set up with a working projector in no time.

After a short introduction by Ana Serrano and Festival Director, Tikoy Aguiluz, the lights dimmed and the curtains were drawn.  The film was performed by yours truly from the projection booth.  We were showered with applause at the roll of the credits. Mateo, Jeff and Ana said a few thank-yous to our loyal audience and to the Cinemanila team for their support of the film.  There was a very short Q&A period that continued in more depth in the cinema foyer. Mateo and Jeff spent some times chatting with some of our intrigued fans.  Ana took some time to explain a bit of the interactive design process with a group of students from the University of the Philippines.


A special thanks goes out to the Cinemanila team:  Tikoy Aguiluz, Anima Aguiluz, Benji Boctol, and the technical crew.  


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Alliance Francaise

The screening at Alliance Francaise was held on Tuesday October 21st at 8:00pm.  Cocktails were served and the foyer was filling up. Our audience was small, but well selected; from AFM members to filmmakers and journalists.  This was one of our promotional events to gear up for our Asian debut at Cinemanila.  

After a few press interviews with Jeff and Mateo, the crowd headed into the private screening room.  Olivier Dintiger, Director of Alliance Francaise de Manille introduced Ana, Mateo and Jeff.  The lights dimmed for the start of the film and Ana VJ’d the first act.  We then passed the remote control around the room to let the audience take control in the sequencing of the rest of the film.  Some viewers were more timid with clicking, allowing scenes to play through.  Others were much bolder and clicked more frequently.  This was probably the best audience cut I’ve seen so far.  Not only did the audience get the full stories of all three characters, but they found many of the best clicking sequences.  After the credits rolled, the audience was eager to ask the filmmakers their questions.   The questions were intelligent and honest, and centered around the unique process of interactive filmmaking. 

A short reception followed and the crowd got to mingle with the filmmakers over French wine and kabobs.   A special thank you goes out to  Olivier Dintinger, Director, Sabrina Durand, Cultural Officer, Earl Parco, Cultural Officer, Mang Albert, Technician and the rest of the Alliance Francaise team for co-sponsoring this successful event.



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Late Fragment in Manila

There’s something about the smell when you walk out of the Ninoy Acquino Airport — a mix of Sampaguita , roast pork and Jeepney exhaust.  Whatever it is, it makes any Balikbayan feel at home.

I met Ria Limjap at the airport. We hired Ria as our publicist for the Late Fragment screenings.  Not only is she our publicist, but our saving grace in Manila.  She navigated us through the Edsa traffic as well as through her rich network of cream of the crop writers, artists and filmmakers in the city.

Saturday rolled around and Ana Serrano and Jeff Parazzo arrived.  We spent the first day orienting ourselves, picking up our $1 SIM cards for our cell phones and eating approximately every 2 hours as required when in the Philippines.  One thing that makes me feel at home here is the food. Filipinos love to eat.  Officially, there are 7 meals a day:  breakfast, snack, lunch, merienda, merienda ceyna, dinner, and a bedtime merienda victory lap.  Only to do it all over again the next day and the day after that…

Luckily, we had some work to do to burn off some of these calories.  On Monday, we ran our technical test at Alliance Franciase for our first private screening which will be held on Tuesday.  After that, we headed over
to NU 107 in Makati, where Ana and Jeff gave a shout out to Dekada Cinemanila 2008 where Late Fragment will be having its Asian premier on Thursday October 23rd at 7pm at the Gateway Cinemas (Cinema 2).  Check out the interview here!

[vimeo 2154165]

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Is it possible to get a copy in the US?

Hey Sam,

Yes! You can purchase through They have international shipping. We’re currently also in negotiations with some US distributors. We’ll let you know when that comes through.

Sorry for taking so long to answer.

LF team

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The Film Cynics say “Rent Late Fragment!”

Hey everyone,

Check out Steve Johnston and Brian Dutkewich’s latest review on Late Fragment at!

The Bottom Line: Rent Late Fragment!

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Celebrating 20 Years at TIFF ‘08

The Late Fragment team wants to wish everyone at the CFC a Happy 20th Anniversary! The CFC threw yet another successful BBQ last Sunday September 7th to celebrate 20 years of outstanding work.  Originally opening its doors in 1988 as a film training centre, the CFC has grown into Canada’s largest institution for advanced training in film, television and new media. In twenty years, the CFC has produced movies, short films, interactive films and games, TV pilots, and a host of new media applications that are revolutionizing the content business. The CFC proudly has more than 1000 alumni working in Canada and abroad with alumni spanning the country and beyond our borders.

A big congratulations goes out to Charles Officer and the CFC Feature Film Program for their successful debut of Nurse.Fighter.Boy. at this year’s TIFF.

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