Late Fragment - An Interactive Film

LF Director Anita Doron a TED Fellow

Hi all,

It’s been a long time since we posted here. Sorry about that folks. Frankly, we all just got super busy with our next set of projects. But as Easter approaches we will be posting some updates.

First up: Anita Doron, director of Faye’s journey in Late Fragment, was chosen to be a TED Fellow this year 2010.

She gave a rousing speech about making sure that we treat life as blank canvas as much as we can…well here it si in her own words:

“I see things that are impossible to believe and experience people and situations that permanently misplace my previous knowledge constructs. And losing my conceptual frameworks and assumptions is not unlike losing the backpacks upon immigrating to Israel. I possess nothing more than a temporary understanding. And I’m unexpectedly grateful.

If I tried to control reality by making sense of it, by needing certainties and truths, I would miss all that is invisible and obscure and overlook the fluid places where magic lies. I gather my knowledge in fragments, and when they begin to form into a solid, singular piece, I break them apart by the introduction of another fragment. When the fragments crash, it sounds like heavy metal played by forest creatures in leather dunce caps and frayed silk wings. It’s haunting.

I call on us to experience the joy of relinquishing the judgments we’ve made. Let’s fight when we want to surrender and surrender when we want to fight. Let’s live as a deranged creature, hungry for the unknown, repeatedly ripping up plans and blueprints to see what emerges from nothingness, from bare faith. ”

Anita Doron, Filmmaker–

Her TED Fellow talk, will be up shortly. We are working on another interactive film project with Anita and will be sending you updates about *that* soon.


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