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Late Fragment in Manila

There’s something about the smell when you walk out of the Ninoy Acquino Airport — a mix of Sampaguita , roast pork and Jeepney exhaust.  Whatever it is, it makes any Balikbayan feel at home.

I met Ria Limjap at the airport. We hired Ria as our publicist for the Late Fragment screenings.  Not only is she our publicist, but our saving grace in Manila.  She navigated us through the Edsa traffic as well as through her rich network of cream of the crop writers, artists and filmmakers in the city.

Saturday rolled around and Ana Serrano and Jeff Parazzo arrived.  We spent the first day orienting ourselves, picking up our $1 SIM cards for our cell phones and eating approximately every 2 hours as required when in the Philippines.  One thing that makes me feel at home here is the food. Filipinos love to eat.  Officially, there are 7 meals a day:  breakfast, snack, lunch, merienda, merienda ceyna, dinner, and a bedtime merienda victory lap.  Only to do it all over again the next day and the day after that…

Luckily, we had some work to do to burn off some of these calories.  On Monday, we ran our technical test at Alliance Franciase for our first private screening which will be held on Tuesday.  After that, we headed over
to NU 107 in Makati, where Ana and Jeff gave a shout out to Dekada Cinemanila 2008 where Late Fragment will be having its Asian premier on Thursday October 23rd at 7pm at the Gateway Cinemas (Cinema 2).  Check out the interview here!

[vimeo 2154165]


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