Late Fragment - An Interactive Film


Thursday October 23rd, 2008.  The big day had finally arrived.  The premiere of Late Fragment at the Dekada Cinemanila Film Festival was scheduled to screen 7:00pm.   Benji Boctol, festival coordinator, set us up in the projection booth at the Gateway Cineplex10 in Cubao. Although there were a few technical obstacles in finding a compatible projector for our Apple G5 computer, the tech team remained professional and solution driven.   Anima Aguiluz, the Cinemanila Secretariat, took the lead in the problem solving the issues at hand and we were set up with a working projector in no time.

After a short introduction by Ana Serrano and Festival Director, Tikoy Aguiluz, the lights dimmed and the curtains were drawn.  The film was performed by yours truly from the projection booth.  We were showered with applause at the roll of the credits. Mateo, Jeff and Ana said a few thank-yous to our loyal audience and to the Cinemanila team for their support of the film.  There was a very short Q&A period that continued in more depth in the cinema foyer. Mateo and Jeff spent some times chatting with some of our intrigued fans.  Ana took some time to explain a bit of the interactive design process with a group of students from the University of the Philippines.


A special thanks goes out to the Cinemanila team:  Tikoy Aguiluz, Anima Aguiluz, Benji Boctol, and the technical crew.  



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