Late Fragment - An Interactive Film

Celebrating 20 Years at TIFF ‘08

The Late Fragment team wants to wish everyone at the CFC a Happy 20th Anniversary! The CFC threw yet another successful BBQ last Sunday September 7th to celebrate 20 years of outstanding work.  Originally opening its doors in 1988 as a film training centre, the CFC has grown into Canada’s largest institution for advanced training in film, television and new media. In twenty years, the CFC has produced movies, short films, interactive films and games, TV pilots, and a host of new media applications that are revolutionizing the content business. The CFC proudly has more than 1000 alumni working in Canada and abroad with alumni spanning the country and beyond our borders.

A big congratulations goes out to Charles Officer and the CFC Feature Film Program for their successful debut of Nurse.Fighter.Boy. at this year’s TIFF.


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