Late Fragment - An Interactive Film

TINARS + Pages Bookstore will host Late Fragment’s DVD Launch in Toronto

What is TINARS you say? Well, it’s just…

“The best literary event series in the city”

From their Facebook Group Page:

This Is Not A Reading Series offers writers an opportunity to forego the routine of a reading and launch their works in a creative, performative way.

Our events are designed to showcase the thematic concerns of an individual text. There is thus no set format for This Is Not A Reading Series. Every event is as unique as the book it celebrates. For instance, we have staged mock wakes, boxing matches, video game tournaments, faux lectures and on-stage interviews.

While we do not ahere to a format, we do subscribe to a few basic principles. All This Is Not A Reading Series events are crafted to shine a light on the creative process, and, also, to address such lit crit chestnuts as, where does a given text fit on our cultural landscape?

We have provided a creative forum for emerging and internationally renowned writers alike since September of 2003.

This Is Not A Reading Series is produced by Pages Books & Magazines, in partnership with Gladstone Hotel and EYE WEEKLY.

The Late Fragment team is thrilled to be hosted by TINARS and its merry band of pop-cultured participants, thanks to Marc Glassman, the inimitable force behind this awesome literary event series. Given that as Russell Smith commented during one of our past screenings, Late Fragment may be seen as the distant cousin of the nouveau roman, I think the match between TINARS and Late Fragment is just right.

As for me, I’m excited to engage in a debate on how our particular text (LF, that is) may be a harbinger of future forms the mainstream is now ready to embrace, 150 years or so after Blanchot wrote Thomas the Obscure. (Okay maybe that conversation will take place *after* a few vodka sodas.) Look forward to seeing everyone there! Don’t forget to RSVP to win prizes!

(Photo : les auteurs du Nouveau Roman en 1959, Alain Robbe-Grillet, Claude Simon, Claude Mauriac, Jérôme Lindon, Robert Pinget, Samuel Beckett, Nathalie Sarraute (photo de Claude Ollier Mario Dondero, Éditions de Minuit).


  1. I think it’s interesting that a Reading Series is launching a DVD. Goes to show maybe that today’s text is really film. And interactive film may be the future’s literature? I have to see Late Fragment though to see if this theory holds.