Late Fragment - An Interactive Film

Mateo + Anita share their insights to enhance your DVD experience

Hot on the heels of the DVD release, here are some tidbits two of our writer/directors would like to share with you to enhance your experience of Late Fragment.

[We want] to let you be your own musician of the film, your own VJ of the film. In festivals we perform it live for you, but the most fun is when you get your hands on it and click away like a mad person.

Part of the fun of the film is viewing it again and discovering new truths, or lies.

[You are] an active participant and get to turn the film into a fast-paced thriller, or an artsy character study, or a Japanese horror film.

At the end of the day, the rest is up to you. But both Anita & Mateo think that strong emotions are a must:

It’s better than something flat. We are the kind of directors who want people to fully be involved. If you hate, it’s an emotion, if you love, it’s an emotion. It means you care. It’s what we love. You cannot please everybody, that’s not art.

Here’s the complete interview in action:

[youtube 1e0HsBhfUms]


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    Good luck with the DVD (really enjoyed it myself).