Late Fragment - An Interactive Film

Late Fragment’s at a video store near you and DVD reviews + opinion pieces are rolling in…

From Norman Jewison’s effusive introduction to Late Fragment at its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival,

[vimeo 1225900]

to a mention here and there, the reviews and opinion pieces are rolling in. Okay so maybe our fearless leader may have overstated the “world” bit. ( For our take on what other works inspired us click here.) But what I think he may have been trying to get at is that Late Fragment is something you need to experience. You may not like it, but you gotta give it a go. Here’s a recent smattering of opinion samples.

From the Georgia Straight’s straightforwardness:

“Whether Late Fragment is groundbreaking interactive television or a senseless gimmick is up to the viewer.”

To Bruce Kirkland’s take about what Late Fragment represents:

“Late Fragment is in the vanguard of a cinematic revolution.”

From the trendspotter:

“Even if you’ve never touched an Avid or Final Cut Pro program, the innovative movie makers behind Late Fragment an interactive DVD film, allow you to control just how much you see with the click of a button.”

To the writer:

“It’s visceral, intense, and is absolutely the most innovative thing I’ve seen in a long time.”

And last but not least we gotta hear from the Nasa engineer:

“…I’m going to pick this DVD up, it’s a landmark piece of work along the lines of TimeCode.”

There’s no hiding the fact that this post is rife with unabashed promotion of Late Fragment. But really it’s an explicit way of saying go pick up the DVD! Buy it! Rent it! And come back here and ask questions. Some of you will hate it. Some of you will love it. But all of you need to try it out. :-)


  1. Hello, my name is Myriam I am from Argentina and am the great one fans of Jeff Parazzo. M egustaria to know when the film comes to the Argentina.
    My pages of myspace:

    If quiern to contact myself they can do it to:

    Very agradcida if they could answer me.

    Kisses and good-bye.

  2. Hola Myriam,

    Como esta? I will surely contact you when Late Fragment comes to Argentina. Come back here to see new pictures of Jeff since we are all now getting ready to go to our DVD Launch party!

    Ana Serrano

  3. Thank you very much Ana Serrano for your response, I am be very grateful of any heart.
    It she will wait with happiness for the arrival of the movie in Argentine.
    Kisses and congratulations for the movie.

  4. Hola Ana Serrano, las fans de jeff y yo nos gustaria que si pueden subir las entrevistas de jeff a youtube. cualquier informacion sobre él que se pueda comentar, estaremos agradecidas todas las fans de jeff desde la argentina.
    besos y muchisimas gracias.