Late Fragment - An Interactive Film

277 metres above sea level, a medieval town town sits on the top of a cone-shaped hill…

This is the spot where the Motovun Film Festival takes place. Think Glastonbury meets Sundance. Thousands of young cineastes, artistes, partiers, adventurers flock to Central Istria, Croatia to camp for 5-6 nights to see some of the most innovative films from around the world.

From Wikipedia:

Motovun Film Festival is entirely dedicated to films made in small cinematographies and independent productions (on 10 August 1999, the day of opening of first Motovun Film Festival, there was not even one non-Hollywood film being shown in Croatian cinemas). In everything, except for the ambition and the quality, Motovun wants to be a small festival showing small films, small in the warmest sense of the word. Festival program consists of around 70 titles from all over the world, from documentaries to feature films, from short to long films, from guerilla made films to co-productions. The only criteria in their selection is that they fit in the open-minded atmosphere of the festival with their innovations.

In years since the festival first started it became widely popular among Croatian youth, especially students. Every year during the festival a camp for visitors is organized on the foothills of Motovun, where anybody can put up their tent almost for free (the daily fee of 5 kn (roughly 1 USD) is paid to the local tourist office). The visitors’ camp has become one of its hallmarks. In January 2007 The Guardian described the festival as “a cross between Glastonbury and Sundance” in its travel section.

This year, part of the Motovun Film Festival is a special Interactive Cinema Program.

Along with Late Fragment, this program brings:

Switching by our friend Morten Schjodt;

Kinoautomat by Radúz Çinçera, the first interactive film in the world shown during Expo ‘67 in Montreal; and

Polyester, by John Waters which will include its featured odorama cards where the audience can scratch and sniff their way into a more olfactory experience of the film.


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