Late Fragment - An Interactive Film

The 01SJ Global Art Festival Experience Part 1

Think colorful robots made out of plastic bags and twist-ties, digital graffiti tags on sides of buildings, lewd flickr photos masterfully copied as oil paintings in China, iceberg in the park,

re-imagined memories fading in and out of photographs, big-ass talking heads, Dazed and Confused re-dubbed in India, and slithering projections on buildings,

– these are only a fraction of the experiences we had at 01 Global Festival of Art on the Edge in San Jose. Needless to say Late Fragment was in very good company indeed.

It was really nice to know that for the first time we were in a festival where we did not have to explain ourselves to the audience. (Not that we mind doing that of course.) It’s just that it kinda felt like coming home in a way. After all, Late Fragment was born out of the CFC Media Lab and so new media festivals would seem like the appropriate venue for this interactive film.

We were part of 01’s Performances Program alongside Toni Dove’s Spectropia, DJ Spooky’s Terra Nova: The Antarctic Suite, with Future Films’ R. Luke Dubois’ Fashionably Late for the Relationship, and Cory Arcangel’s re-dubbed version of Dazed and Confused.

It’s humbling to be part of this enormous and well-curated event (thanks to Steve Dietz and Joel Slayton). As I mentioned in our Q&A, it’s wonderful to have a handful of interactive and/or future film forms all interrogating narrative in different ways. Not to mention that given there’s only a handful of people actually interested in this new genre, it’s a pleasure to have the luxury to be all in the same place and have some time to talk to each other!

There was a lot I had the time to see and think about. Toni Dove’s Spectropia I had heard about for so long that I was so happy to finally get to see it performed live. There’s a lot of there, there. But more on that later. That’s for Part 2.

But in the meantime check out this blog that reviews some of the stuff I talk about.


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