Late Fragment - An Interactive Film

Spoke Screening + PRIDE Preview

Here we were at The Spoke Club gallery where you see Anita and Mateo embrace above since they haven’t seen each other since Banff. It’s our first time being invited to do a screen & talk of Late Fragment at a private club. This invitation was extended by Russell Smith (below in pic with Anita Doron), novelist, journalist, & erudite renaissance man who had the chance to experience Late Fragment himself and wanted, I think, to engage The Spoke audience on a discussion about narrative, future films, and whether or not mainstream audiences will ever be ready for “difficult texts.” (A champion for said text was found in the audience!)

It was a lively evening filled with literate, generous and fun debate about the pros and cons of taking the French nouveau roman genre or attitudes to the screen, not to mention some talk about whether Ossington is the new Queen. The evening ended well with all of us drinking the complimentary pink PRIDE libations filled with blueberries and raspberries.

We also ran into some folks celebrating up on the deck. Here’s Damon D’Oliveira, Toronto producer with Mateo.


Too bad the weather didn’t cooperate (it was chilly on the deck!) but still we met new friends.

So thanks Russell for the invite!


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