Late Fragment - An Interactive Film

Vidfest 2008

Six events in Cannes, a 14 hour flight and three time zones later, we finally arrived in sunny Vancouver for the 2008 Vancouver International Digital Festival. The panels at this year’s festival were too enticing to let our jetlag get in the way. The program included a keynote from Chris Anderson, Editor-in-Chief of Wired Magazine on the Economy of ‘Free’, a presentation by 42 Entertainment, the geniuses behind NIN’s Year Zero Alternate Reality Experience, a roundtable discussion on how to Save the Internet and so much more! The Vidfest programming committee concocted just the right amount of business, creative and political discussion to make for a rich festival experience, not to mention one heck of an after party.

After Party, Great Northern Campus

The second day of the festival involved a recruiting fair, a pitch and play and of course a special screening of Late Fragment. Given the fact that our audience was likely going to be made up of interactive designers, gamers and the like, we decided that we were going to let the audience collectively interact with the film by passing the remote control around. The trajectory that this audience created gave more face time to Theo and Kevin’s story, and left Faye’s story a real mystery. When the credits rolled around, I turned my head around towards very loud whistling and cheering from what seemed to be an overly enthusiastic fan, only to see that Jeff Parazzo had joined us in the audience! It was a pleasant surprise to have Jeff with us to show his support.

Ana Serrano, Producer

When the Q&A period came around, the audience was mostly concerned with what happened with Faye; Who actually murdered Marty? What was the love triangle all about? Who was Faye visiting in Jail? (at which point we shamelessly plugged in our DVD sale launch to find out more!). This audience was an interesting bunch because not only did they care about the story, but they were also quite curious about our creative process. Ana was fielding questions about our interactive software development, the technology we used, how the story architecture was developed and so on. The discussion got so involved that we had to extend the session to our after party at the Granville hotel.

All in all, Vidfest was a huge success. Not only were we inspired by the refreshing creative energy of the festival, but we were also able to connect with an intelligent, creative and conscientious audience.

(Check out a blog that one of our audience members recently published).

Next stop, 01 Festival, San Jose.


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