Late Fragment - An Interactive Film

The cinematography rocks! Who were the DOPs? Did you have three different ones for each writer/director? How did they work together? Did it make a difference for the DOP knowing it was an interactive film?

Hey there. My name’s Francois, and I was the cinematographer for all three films. I have to say, sometimes I felt a bit schizophrenic working and trying to tell a visual story with three very strong and different personalities. But on the whole, I actually loved the chance to work with three directors who were all making strong artistic statements.

My philosophy was to understand what each director wanted knowing it was all going to be made into a single experience. I guess I was trying to make it coherent as a whole but still make sure I retain the individuality, the individual voice, of each director.

The most important thing was that I had a very, very, good crew with me (small but very good). This team helped make real all the crazy ideas that were floating around.

For me the challenge of making an interactive film is that you need a lot more shots, a lot more angles. You tend to do less long takes, though we did do some of those, too. You have to work extra hard and be very quick to give enough material for the editors and the interactive team for post.

Francois Dagenais

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