Late Fragment - An Interactive Film

I saw at the screening that you’re not using a DVD player to VJ the film. What kind of software are you using for your screenings and how does it work?

In order to provide the optimal viewing experience in theatres and because Late Fragment was shot using a High Definition camera, it required us building custom software to show the movie properly. This software allows us to show the movie in its original highest quality footage.

The software was built for high performance Macintosh machines using a unique authoring environment called Max and softVNS. (The latter was developed by renowned Canadian new media artist David Rokeby. And you can find more info about it here.) These tools provided the groundwork for a system that we custom built to create a linking structure that mimics the DVD interaction. The hardware allows us to maintain playback quality of the footage and to minimize the lag between clicks. The tool also allows us maximum flexibility to use any number of input devices or remote controls for unique viewing experiences in a variety of theatres.

Here’s what the system looks like in its final state.

The tool we built for our \

Galen Scorer
Performative Cinema System Designer

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