Late Fragment - An Interactive Film


Interactive narrative has been explored in many different ways by artists, filmmakers, and designers from all over the world. From Mike Figgis’ Timecode to Peter Greenaway’s VJ Tulse Luper Performance, from Lev Manovich’s Soft Cinema, to Marsha Kinder’s Bleeding Through the Layers of Los Angeles by Rosemary Comella & Andreas Kratky with Norman Klein. But with the numerous experiments in form, interactive structure and interface designs, Late Fragment was most inspired by Switching, an interactive film directed by Morten Schjodt of Oncotype and produced by the Danish Film Institute.

While the notion of interactive cinema is not entirely new, Late Fragment is North America’s first interactive dramatic feature film and is an important model of collaboration in leading-edge experimental dramatic content and format that will be engrained into Canada’s filmmaking history.


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