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Film, New media & Music: Late Fragment @ SxSW

What do hordes of web 2.0 entrepreneurs + designers have in common with mumblecore filmmakers, and bluegrass musicians? They all hung out in Austin for a couple of weeks this March. And, in the midst of all this inter-media madness, Late Fragment was presented as part of the SxSW Film Program in the Global Doc Days section.

It was pretty difficult to assess to which tribe we belonged. Yours truly, was firmly ensconced within the web community, while Anita Lee, my co-producer certainly looked more like part of the film crowd with her uniform slick, black outfits. It felt good, though, to straddle these divides. (And divided they were. It was odd that for a festival that boasts the combined presentation of these three media, there was not much intermingling going on.) Nevertheless, even though sometimes it may have felt we didn’t quite belong anywhere, there’s something to be said about being a hybrid. We could be anywhere, not to mention we got passes to go anywhere.

But I’ve got to admit I mostly spent my time checking out the new media panels (won’t bother mentioning the now infamous Zuckerberg interview since it had so much air time), including one Kris Krug moderated about Canadian innovation. It was great to see some of my new media colleagues in full force at that well-attended event: from Jennifer Ouano of Elastic Entertainment from Vancouver to Fady Atallah of Bluesponge from Montreal. After the panel, CFC Media Lab hosted a party at this legendary great dive called Ego’s. Lost of Canucks came out including ones we had just met in Austin.

The next day, our screening in the conference centre went very well. As the theatre had an intimate feel, we were able to pass the remote control around to some of the audience members. The “cut” they made was very interesting: some of the sequences I’d never encountered and actually re-framed some of the stories in subtle ways. One of the audience members was a blogger from and wrote a really great review of Late Fragment.


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