Late Fragment - An Interactive Film


Late Fragment allows you to watch the film in your own way. With a traditional film, the story unravels as the director intends. With this interactive film, you click enter on your remote control to change scenes. There are no page numbers or menus to chart your course: you decide which storylines you wish to follow, when you want to dig deeper into the history of a character, or when you want to move away. You become the director of the film you are watching. This is a completely new cinematic experience.

How do you know when to click your remote? As you watch the story unfold, there may be repeated scenes, pauses that may signal an interesting moment to click, or moments when you intuitively want to click. Every time you watch Late Fragment, you may learn new truths, uncover different histories, and piece together the film in new and very different ways.

In Late Fragment, Kevin, Théo and Faye attempt to piece together the fractured stories of their lives. They are on a quest to reconcile pasts haunted by violence and crime. As you interact with the film, you become part of the quest to uncover the darkness of their pasts, reveal the truths behind their lives, in hopes of restoring wholeness, forgiveness, and perhaps even redemption.


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